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The family bible is a family’s connection to the past and future. It connects an entire family across generations to their history, to their faith and provides an understanding of who their ancestors were. Family bibles often contain locks of hair, photographs, newspaper articles in addition to names, dates of birth, death and marriages.

Bible Rescue is a non-profit organization. We rescue family bibles, preserve the family history, and reunite the family bibles with living family members.

At BibleRescue we acquire family bibles (through donation or purchase) and reunite them with living family members. We do this to strengthen families and promote faith. You can support our mission by donating a bible or funds to help us in our mission.

You can search for your family bible using our “Search our Bible” feature. We are constantly adding new bibles so check back often to see if we’ve added your family bible.

If you have any questions or would like us to keep our eyes open for a particular family bible email us at

Featured Bibles

In addition to the Bibles below you can search all of our bibles using our “Search our Bibles” feature.

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Bible Rescue

Lizzie Miler

Bible Rescue

Smith, Burns, Cresswell, Buchanan and Henry

Bible Rescue

Family Bible Bidwood History and Genealogy

Bible Rescue

Weber, Schriefer, Trucia

Bible Rescue

Family Bible Sanderson, Martin, Morris, Weaver, Blakely, Carter

Bible Rescue

Family of Aaron Page and Hannah Davis.

Bible Rescue

1878 Jones Family Bible (Calhoun)genealogy

Bible Rescue

1871 Family Bible for Elswood Smart and Sarah Jane Klborn

Bible Rescue

1885 Family Bible, Baldwin Family Genealogy Records.

Bible Rescue

1827 Family Bible, 4 pages of Nelson Bill family genealogy.

Bible Rescue

Dering, Lowry, Mills, Chadwick Family Bible

Bible Rescue

Crumrine, Dunn, Slayton, Simlick Family Bible

Bible Rescue

Family Bible Gaines and Martin

Bible Rescue

1881 Family Bible for Carrie Burdick & William Babcock

Bible Rescue

Clapp Family Bible

Bible Rescue

Brooks, Wheeler, Stratford, Dorman, Paine, Booth Curtis Family Bible

Bible Rescue

Family Bible surnames Sharp,Starkey, Chasteen, Boyce

Dean 142 Reunited

Family Bible, Samuel (SF) Francis Dean

Bible Rescue

Family Bible, Idlor & Moore genealogy

Bible Rescue

Family Bible for William Blakiney and Sarah Angel

Bible Rescue

Family Bible w/surnames: Stillhorn, Doelker, Buenger, Trott, Jenny

Bible Rescue

1850 Family Bible: Campbell, Abbott, Beau, Wheeler, Blake, Packard

Bible Rescue

1842 Jacob Beitel & Anna Louise Gleiner Family Bible

Bible Rescue

Hunt Family Bible/Genealogy Bible Rescue

Bible Rescue

1871 Proctor, Griffith, Young, Howard Family Bile Bible Rescue

Bible Rescue

Ellis, Hudgins, Family Bible/Genealogy

Bible Rescue

Elliott, West, Beach, Webb and West

Bible Rescue

Jerrett, McFarland Family Bible

Bible Rescue

C.R. Dickinson Family Bible

Bible Rescue

William Elliott Family Bible

Tichenor Family Bible

Jonas Tichenor Family Bible

Adams Family Bible

Alexander Logan Family Bible

Knowlton Family Bible

Walter Earland Knowlton Family Bible

Wittenmyer Family Bible

Isac (Isaac) Wittenmyer Family Bible

Bible Rescue

Benjamin Jones Family Bible

Bible Rescue

Daniel J. Wilson Family Bible

Bible Rescue

David Stafford Family Bible

Royer Family Bible

Samuel Royer Family Bible

Morse Family Bible Reunited

Esuck Morse Family Bible

Haught Family Bible

Benjamin Jackson Haught Family Bible

Elsner Family Bible

Hamachen Elsner Family Bible

Miller Family bile

Gaylord LeRoy Miller Family Bible

Crawford Reunited

David B. Crawford Family Bible

Emma Rylander Reunited

Emma Rylander Family Bible

Caleb Browning Reunited

Caleb Browning Family Bible

John E. Keneagy Reunited

John E. Keneagy Family Bible

Fudge Family Bible Reunited

Charles Creager Fudge Family Bible

Van Pelt Family Bible Reunited

Alexander Van Pelt Family Bible

Lane Family Bible Reunited

David Lane Family Bible


John A. Holmes Family Bible

Gallup Bible Reunited

Gallup Family Bible

Heath Family Bible Reunited

Heath Family Bible

Bolesny Familt Bible Reunited

Bolesny Familt Bible

Thorndike Family Bible

Thorndike Family Bible


Jennings Family Bible

104 - Laurence Reunited

Laurence Family Bible