Benjamin Sparling

Sparling Family Bible


Bible ID: 304
Year of Publication: 1830
Place of Publication: Philadelphia
Publisher: Towar, J. &D.M. Hogan; And Hogan & Co. Pittsburgh
Bible Language: English
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First Name: Benjamin
Last Name: Sparling
Date of Death: 21 March 1892
Place of Death: Detroit
Marriage Date: 1 September 1844
Wife’s Name: Lavinia Hanmer
First Name: Lavinia
Last Name: Hanmer
Marriage Date: 1 September 1844
Married To: Benjamin Sparling
Other Names in the Family Bible

First Name: Matilda
Middle Name: M.
Last Name: Sparling
Relationship to Others in Bible: Daughter of Benjamin and Lavinia Sparling
Birth Date: 2 October 1845
Married To: George A Staring
Marriage Date: 11 May 1869
First Name: George
Middle Name: A.
Last Name: Staring
Relationship to Others in Bible: Husband of Matilda Sparling
Married To: Matilda M Sparling
Marriage Date: 11 May 1869
First Name: Massia
Middle Name: Walley
Last Name: Sparling
Birth Date: 8 December 1846
Death Date: 24 February 1854

First Name: Mary
Middle Name: Stewart
Last Name: Staring
Death Date: 10 July 1872
First Name: Massie
Middle Name: W.
Last Name: Hanmer
Death Date: 14 June 1876
First Name: Tillie
Last Name: Sparling
Death Date: 8 March 1891
Death Place: Detroit


Treasures Found:
Bible include a page of newspaper clippings that are death notice for Benjamin Sparling.
He was a well known and well liked constable in the Detroit area. The title of one of the clippings is “Everybody Knew Him”

Volunteer Notes:

Special Unique Findings or Bible Features:
Tillie may be Matilda but research was not found to validate.

When researching genealogy websites Lavinia is sometimes spelled Livinea, Hanmer is also spelled Harmen or Harman, Staring is often spelled Starling and Sparling is spelled Sparting.

Family Search 1870 Federal Census lists Massey (age 73, Henmar used as surname). Other members living in the house include Benjamin (age 48), Lavinia (age 42) George A (age 33, Starling used as surname) and Matilda (age 24).

Ancestry 1903 Death certificate for Lavinia (Levinia) lists father as Mr. Hamer. Also states she was married one time at age 20 and had 2 children. None of the children were living at the time of her death. Death May 21, 1903 Birth May 23, 1824

Thoughts From Our Volunteers:
I pray this Bible finds its way to a family member.