Daniel J. Wilson

Wilson Family Bible


Bible ID: 400_R
Year of Publication: 1882
Place of Publication: Philadelphia
Publisher: A.J. Holman and Co.
Bible Language: English
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Other Names in the Family Bible

First Name: Daniel
Middle Name: J.
Last Name: Wilson
Birth Date: Abt. 1846
Death Date: 10 January 1922
First Name: Daniel
Middle Name: R
Last Name: Wilson
Birth Date: 14 October 1883
First Name: Roy
Middle Name: Amus
Last Name: Wilson
Birth Date: 25 January 1885

First Name: Hugh
Middle Name: Lornzo
Last Name: Wilson
Birth Date: 18 November 1886
First Name: Ephraim
Middle Name: Harrison
Last Name: Wilson
Birth Date: 25 September 1888
First Name: William
Middle Name: Jennings
Last Name: Wilson
Birth Date: 30 March 1897

First Name: Glen
Last Name: Wilson
Birth Date: 10 March 1899
First Name: Terry
Middle Name: O.
Last Name: Wilson
Birth Date: 24 March 1901
First Name: Hazel
Middle Name: Earl
Last Name: Wilson
Birth Date: 28 September 1903

First Name: Adaline
Middle Name: Jennette
Last Name: Wilson
Birth Date: 12 February 1906
Death Date: September 1972
First Name: Bradley
Middle Name: Buckhart
Last Name: Wilson
Birth Date: 13 March 1908
First Name: Luther
Middle Name: L.
Last Name: Wilson
Birth Date: 10 November 1880

First Name: Arthur
Last Name: Wilson
Birth Date: 12 January 1878
Death Date: 19 February 1884
First Name: James
Middle Name: Albert
Last Name: Wilson
Birth Date: 9 September 1876
Death Date: 1959
First Name: Mary
Middle Name: J.
Last Name: Wilson
Birth Date: 30 November 1872
Death Date: 6 July 1882


Treasures Found:
The bible has some ephemera in the form of remembrance cards, newspaper clippings, Ribbons, certificate of promotion, report card, partial letter, written words to what appears to be the Streets of Laredo song, a Post it note, Envelope and letter, Cards, and a photo of an older woman.
Remembrance Card: In Loving Remembrance of Daniel J. Wilson died Jan. 10, 1922, Age 76 years.
News Clipping: CLOSE – near Ashland, on Monday, April 22d, 1880/9, Thomas Henry beloved and only son of Mr and Mrs A Close, aged 5 months and 3 days with a poem “A Mother’s Grief”.
Ribbons: New Whatcom Schools Fair, Oct 3d, 1894 and Imp’d O.R.M. Lummi Trive, No. 6, Whatcome Wash.
Report Card for Earl Wilson 1916
Partial letter signed by Louis Lolly Okerlund.
Envelope: Return Address of; The Rev. O.D. Wilson, 144 Broad St. Middletown, Conn. Addressed to; Mrs. Adaline Perry, 2122 James St., Bellingham, Washington.
Post It Note: Adaline Jeanette (Wilson) Perry died September 1972.
Letter to Dear Aunt Adaline (Middletown, Connecticut, February 25, 1945) signed, Love, Clyde Wilson.
Holy Matrimony page in the bible: Daniel Wilson and Adaline Duncan at Minto, 21st March 1883, in the presence of Henery and Fostina Myley, signed Robert J. Laird.

Volunteer Notes:

Special Unique Findings or Bible Features:
Other names in the bible include: Thomas Henry Close. Brady Wilson. Earl Wilson. Louis Lolly Okerlund, Clyde Wilson, Henry and Fostina Myley, George, Muriel, Wellington, Kenneth, Woodrow, Mary Allen, James Allen, Mary, Luther, Arthur, James and Robert J. Laird. There is a school card for Bow School, District No. 49, with a list of pupils for 14 May 1915 with teacher Ruby Ellington:
Raymond Laughead
Brady Wilson
Edith Coolidge
Cora Burns
Ralph Cooper
Walter Brooks
Fritz Babler
Charlie Baker
Robert Wiley
Adaline Wilson
Paul Shadle
Beulah Baker
Hazel Burns
Earl Le Faver
Ted Henry
Roy Brooks
Alma Cummings
Jeanette Lonsdale
Alvin Hall
Myrtle Bishop
Lora Perry
Fred Lonsdale
Anna Wiley
Ralph Hayes
Douglas Hayes
Peter Matronic
Mary Babler
Elmer Coolidge
Flossie Baker
Eva Botts
George Tietjen
Floyd Bishop
Ruth Streeter
Allan Fleury
Anna Matronic
Earl Wilson
Alice Matronic

Thoughts From Our Volunteers:
A Beautiful Bible with some beautiful ephemera, letters in excellent handwriting, and a wealth of family information. Although the relationships of the people in the bible isn’t clearly evident, with a little research, I’m sure the pieces of the puzzle could be easily put together.