Edna Holm

Holm Family Bible


Bible ID: 213
Year of Publication:
Place of Publication: New York
Publisher: Thomas Nelson and Sons
Bible Language: English
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Other Names in the Family Bible

First Name: Edna
Last Name: Holm
First Name: Carla
Middle Name: J.
Last Name: Holm
Birth Date: 6 November 1944
First Name: Brian
Middle Name: S.
Last Name: Laws
Birth Date: 30 January 1972

First Name: Kenneth
Middle Name: Niemann
Last Name: Whitesel
Birth Date: 10 June 1946
First Name: Lenola
Middle Name: Lee
Last Name: Pozzi
Birth Date:16 May 1935
First Name: William
Last Name: Finn
Birth Date: 17 May 1939

First Name: Judith
Middle Name: Ann
Last Name: Birkenbeuel
Birth Date: 25 October 1948
First Name: Peggy
Middle Name: Joyce
Last Name: Whitesel
Birth Date: 12 May 1942
First Name: Alvin
Middle Name: G.
Last Name: Pozzi
Birth Date: 6 December 1942

First Name: Homer
Last Name: Whitesel
Birth Date: 19 October 1957
First Name: Gene
Middle Name: Robert
Last Name: Birkenbeuel
Birth Date: 30 August 1945


Treasures Found:
News Clippings; Airman 2.C. Alvin G. Pozzi is now serving in Viet Nam. He’s a maintenance man assigned to the Nha Trang area. Airman Pozzi is the sone of Mrs. Charlotte Fenza of Ladd. His address is Ariman 2.C. Pozzi, AF 16726538, 6253, Comron, APO San Francisco, Calif.
(with a picture of Alvin Pozzi)
And the Obiturary of Edna M Holm, 81, of DeKalb, died Tuesday, June 5, 1991, at the DeKalb County Nursing Home.
Two National States Insurance Co. identity cards with a photo; Edna M Holm 1006 N 15th St. 60015, NHI-3-0622404 and HNC-1-0632638.

Volunteer Notes:

Special Unique Findings or Bible Features:
There are many thoughts, poems, scriptures, and versus written in the bible, mostly in pencil. Here are some of the notes found in the bible:
Trinity Lutheran Church, DeKalb, ILL.
Aunt Doris’ address: Mrs. Wm. Beaudry, 311 S 10th, Gladstone, Michigan.
Aunt Joe’s address: Josephine Trimble, 201 Iowa Ave., Streaton, ILL.
Ruth died March 25, 1934, buried on Good Friday.
Grandma died December 18, 1943, was 95 years old.
Mom Edward Whitesel December 9, 1959.
Sandra Jean born May