Faralinor Amanda Link

Link Family Bible


Bible ID: 402
Place of Publication: National Publishing Co.
Bible Language: English
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Other Names in the Family Bible

First Name: Faralinor
Middle Name: Amanda
Last Name: Link
Birth Date: 23 Apr 1864
First Name: Clara
Middle Name: Alice
Birth Date: 24 Dec 1866
First Name: Jane
Middle Name: Elizabeth
Birth Date: 1 Aug 1867

First Name: Joanna
Middle Name: Maria
Birth Date: 15 Jan 1869
First Name: Hanna
Middle Name: Cora
First Name: Edith
Middle Name: Roseanna
Birth Date: 21 Nov 1873

First Name: Tamca
Middle Name: Angeline
Birth Date: 6 Nov 1875
First Name: Phoebe
Middle Name: Emmeline
Birth Date: 16 Nov
First Name: Rhianna
Middle Name: Rebecca
Birth Date: 9 Feb

First Name: Charles
Middle Name: Corenlius
Birth Date: 11 Jan 1885
First Name: Maud
Middle Name: Clementine
Birth Date: 25 Jan 1887


Treasures Found:
Two locks of strawberry Blond hair, and a four leaf clover inside a small envelope.
Newspaper clipping of Letter to the Editor (The Sun?); death notice for Mrs. Maude MacDonald Spencer – Olean, NY – no date; death notice for Mrs. Margaret MIller of Jersey Shore. There were several slips of paper, with various Bible verse numbers on them, perhaps used to bookmark pages. There is also a handwritten prayer, which is disjointed and jumbled

Volunteer Notes:

Special Unique Findings or Bible Features:
This is the “New Illustrated Devotional and Practical and Polyglot Family Bible” published in Philadelphia, Chicago, Cinncinnati, St. Louis or Atlanta

The dates written in this Bible were two digit – 64, 87, etc. Based on the old fashioned names, and an annotated math calculation 1916-1878 = 48, I conclude the birth dates were all in the 1800s, and have logged them as such.

No surnames were written in this Bible. Family Search listed a Faralinor Link with the same birthdate as the first person written in this Bible.

Thoughts From Our Volunteers:
Surnames from death notice/obituaries MacDonald, Spencer and Miller. No death or marriage dates were listed