George W. Meanor, Sr

Meanor Family Bible


Bible ID: 424
Place of Publication: New York
Publisher: International Bible Agency
Bible Language: English
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First Name: George
Middle Name: W.
Last Name: Meanor, Sr
Date of Death: 20 Feb 1904
Wife’s Name: Jemima Meanor
First Name: Jemima
Last Name: Meanor
Date of Death: 23 March 1873
Married To: George W Meanor, Sr.
Other Names in the Family Bible

First Name: Leah
Middle Name: Jane
Last Name: Meanor
Relationship to Others in Bible: Second wife of George W Meanor, Sr. and stepmother
Death Date: 14 March 1907
Death Place: Coraopolis, PA
Married To: George W Meanor, Sr.
First Name: George
Middle Name: W
Last Name: Meanor Jr.
Relationship to Others in Bible: Son of George W. Meanor Sr. and brother of Joel Meanor
Death Date: 4 Feb 1920
First Name: Joel
Middle Name: W.
Last Name: Meanor
Relationship to Others in Bible: Son of George W Meanor, Sr.
Birth Date: 10 April 1846
Birth Place: Clinton, Allegheny Co, PA


Volunteer Notes:

Special Unique Findings or Bible Features:
This Bible belonged to Joel W Meanor. It cost $1.85 and was purchased Nov 1902 in Dayton, OH. Notes include location of National Military Home. It is unclear if he was living there at the time. On Nov 21, 1908 he paid 60 cents to have it bound at a book store in Dayton, OH for a total cost of $2.45.

He recorded that he read through it in 1915, 1917, and 1919. Another note indicates someone read through it in 1926 but notation is not in original handwriting of the Bible.

Bible includes 2 obituaries for George W. Meanor (pg 6 of scanned documents). Both give same location for death although one says he was 85 years, 10 months and 5 days. The second says 86 years old.
One obituary states he is survived by 3 sons and 2 daughters.
Sons – George W. Meanor of St Mary’s WV (name found in the Bible)
J.W. Meanor of Dayton, OH (Joel W. name found in the Bible)
Wilford E. Meanor of Coraopolis
Daughters – Mrs. Mary McCormick
Mrs. E. McKendry
Names not included in the Bible were verified by 1870 Fed Census Moon, Allegheny Co, PA, and last will and testament of George W Meanor, Sr.

Obituary also states he was 10 months and 5 days late of Co C one hundredth reg PVI and that he served in Mexican War. Second obituary says he was a member of GAR having served through both Mexican and Civil Wars. Both obituaries include information that he operated a ferry for many years on the Ohio River between Coraopolis and Haysville and tended the government lights on the river.

A second obituary states only WS Meanor and Charles Meanor survive. These names cannot be verified or found in research.

Also included in scanned documents (pg 13) are typed notes regarding Bible information.
Notes include that George W Meanor Jr was a member of Co G 78 Pa Vols.

The writer states, “This bible was with my grandmother Petrie’s things. She was a McKendry… news clippings and other papers* folded in the pages refer to Alex McKendry my great grandfather and HL Petrie my grandfather.”

Research on Family Search and Ancestry shows George W Meanor Sr. and Jemima had 5 children verified through a 1870 census in Allegheny Co, PA. The 5 children were Joel, George W. Jr., Mary A, Elishua and Wilford E. Elishua married Alexander McKendry and had a daughter Sarah, verified through 1930 Federal Census for Coraopolis, Allegheny, PA. Sarah married Harry Lester Petrie verified through the birth certificate for their son George E. Petrie. A grandchild of this line is the possible writer of the typed notes p. 13.

A second paragraph states “Joel Meanor’s mother, Jemima Meanor, nee McCormick, born in Coraopolis, died 15 Feb,1852 in Leetonia, OH. She was mentioned in an obit* found in the bible, and is one of 5 sisters, along with Phoebe, Katherine, Mary, and Flora McCormick living at 415 Pearl St in Leetonia, OH.” The statement that Joel Meanor’s mother, Jemima Meanor, nee McCormick, born in Coraopolis, died 15 Feb,1852 in Leetonia, OH is inconsistent with documentation.

George W Meanor Sr’s daughter Mary, married John McCormack. Family Search records for marriage, census information and birth certificates support Mary and John’s marriage and birth of the 5 daughters, Phoebe, Katherine, Mary, Flora and Jemima, as identified on page 13. The address of 415 Pearl St matched the 1940 census record, showing the sisters lived at that location.

*The typed page 13 refers to news clippings and other papers folded in the Bible. These documents are not part of the scanned papers included in Bible Rescue information.

The obituary for George W Meanor, Sr states that burial was in Coraopolis Cemetery but location of death is only given by location of “corner of Walnut and River Front”.