J. M. L. Rogers

Rogers Family Bible


Bible ID: 260
Year of Publication: 1856
Place of Publication: Philadelphia
Publisher: T.K. Collins, Jr.
Bible Language: English
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Other Names in the Family Bible

First Name: J. M. L.
Last Name: Rogers
First Name: Samuel
Middle Name: M.
Last Name: Withers
Death Date: 1864
First Name: James
Last Name: Johnston
Death Date:14 February 1860

First Name: Robert
Last Name: White
Death Date: 13 January 1877
First Name: John
Middle Name: Laban
Last Name: Skidmore
Birth Date: 2 April 1860
Death Place: 1886


Volunteer Notes:

Special Unique Findings or Bible Features:
With a very small amount of research, this bible most likely belonged to James M. Lafayette Rogers born 3 May 1827 and died 17 September 1884. Buried in the Bethel Presbyterian Church Cemetery in Mecklenburg County, N.C. The first image taken of the bible reads: This J.M.L. Rogers Bible December 23, 1859. Bought of Withers & Co. Davidson College, N.C., Mecklenburg County. Price $1.50. I wish this Taken care of. J.M.L. Rogers. Several other pages also state the bible to be the property of J.M.L. Rogers. It also looks like perhaps someone used the bible as a journal/diary of sorts with a few entries. The death of Samuel M. Withers is recorded. As is the death of James Johnston Esq. Both buried in the Gilead Church Cemetery. Samuel is most likely Samuel Meacham Withers 1824-1864. James Johnston is most likely James Johnston 1801-1860. There is another note that I believe states: I James M L Rogers started to army Oct. 24th, 1864 and landed at Maine. June 24 1865 was a prisoner from 2nd April until 17th Jan. There is also a page that tells of Uncle Robert White who was ill and died, and being taken care of by Dr Holt and Dr Wilson, with a short poem about death. The Robert White referenced could be Robert White born 1806 in North Carolina married to Nancy White. Dr. Wilson is most likely John M. Wilson a physician in Deweese, Mecklenburg, NC. Dr. Holt is most likely William A Holt also a physician in Deweese, Meck. N.C. There are also other doodles, and notes written in the bible – following are some of the names; J.W. Rogers, T.D. Howard, J.D. Rogers. One notation in the bible reads: This October 6th, 1878, Cloudy, Cool and Windy. Sacremant at Bethel Church. ? and I at Home ? . There are other notes written in pencil throughout the bible, some are very hard to read. Perhaps when looking at the actual bible, it will be easier.

Thoughts From Our Volunteers:
Such a wonderful piece of history from what appears to be a Civil War Veteran. And although there isn’t a wealth of dates and information on a family. There is no doubt that some of the information contained in this bible will be of help in adding information to more than one family tree.