Jacob O. Beck

Beck Family Bible


Bible ID: 159
Bible Language: English
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First Name: Jacob
Middle Name: O.
Last Name: Beck
Date of Birth: 20 January 1832
Date of Death: 2 April 1909
Other Names in the Family Bible

First Name: Andrew
Middle Name:
Last Name: Beck
Birth Date: 12 May 1888
First Name: Cathrin
Middle Name: A.
Last Name: Beck
Birth Date: 12 April 1865
First Name: Harry
Middle Name: B.
Last Name: Beck
Birth Date: 12 March 1871

First Name: Cameron
Middle Name: P.
Last Name: Beck
Birth Date: 25 December 1874
Death Date: 27 July 1892
First Name: Herbert
Middle Name: C.
Last Name: Beck
Birth Date: 17 January 1876
Death Date: 3 November 1937
First Name: Charles
Middle Name: E.
Last Name: Beck
Birth Date: 27 September 1879

First Name: Mary
Middle Name: E.
Last Name: Beck
Death Date: 2 June 1918


Volunteer Notes:

Special Unique Findings or Bible Features:
Beautiful Bible pages with colorful Birth and Death pages

“Mr. Jacob O Beck Bible Sunbury, PA” written inside cover

Small pencil math scribbles written inside cover

Thoughts From Our Volunteers:
I searched each name listed and was unable to find exact results on Find a Grave to match the names and dates. This didn’t allow me to narrow down or confirm how the people named in this Beck family bible are related to each other. I am hopeful the descendants will recognize some of the unique names, as well as complete birth and death dates written to return this beautiful Bible home! I was surprised to see such beautiful, colorful pages for the Births and Deaths. Such a family treasure!