John C. Peck

Peck Family Bible


Bible ID: 273
Year of Publication: 1847
Place of Publication: New York
Publisher: American Bible Society
Bible Language: English
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First Name: John
Middle Name: C.
Last Name: Peck
Date of Birth: 8 Aug 1802
Date of Death: 2 Jun 1878
Marriage Date: 18 Nov 1824
Wife’s Name: Nancy Hull
First Name: Nancy
Middle Name: H.
Last Name: Hull
Date of Birth: 21 May 1806
Date of Death: 15 Aug 1872
Marriage Date: 18 Nov 11824
Married To: John C. Peck
Other Names in the Family Bible

First Name: S.
Middle Name: Elizabeth
Last Name: Peck
Birth Date: April 24, 1828
Death Date: 1 Mar 1854
First Name: Harriet
Middle Name: N.
Last Name: Peck
Birth Date: 24 Jun 1830
First Name: John
Middle Name: H.
Last Name: Peck
Birth Date: 14 Dec 1834
Death Date: 25 Nov 1865
Married To: Henrietta F. Goslee
Marriage Date: 14 Nov 1860
First Name: Martha
Middle Name: A.
Last Name: Peck
Birth Date: 9 Jan 1837
Married To: James A. Race
Marriage Date: 7 Dec 1865
First Name: N.
Middle Name: Rosaline
Last Name: Peck
Birth Date: 2 Sep 1845
Married To: J. Bissell Bascom
Marriage Date: 12 May 1869


Treasures Found:
There are 17 different mementos within the pages of the Bible.
Newspaper clipping re: George M McCollum
Newspaper clipping re: Mrs. Mary Dimmick
Newspaper clipping of George McCollum's last public prayer
Newspaper clipping re: Mr. Heywood
Newspaper clipping re: Money loaned
Newspaper clipping re: backbiting
Advertisement cards (2) for JH Hickok's Music Store
Advertisement card for Newby Evans Pianos
Two list of hymns sung on different days
Two poems/quotes (?)