John Francis Clark

Clark Family Bible


Bible ID: 234
Bible Language: English
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First Name: John
Middle Name: Francis
Last Name: Clark
Date of Birth: July, 14, 1870
Place of Birth: Mansfield, Ohio
Date of Death: July 23, 1935 1:40 am
Place of Death: Mansfield, Ohio
Marriage Date: October 28,1908
Wife’s Name: Olivia Justine Perl
First Name: Oliva
Middle Name: Justine
Last Name: Perl
Date of Birth: April 28, 1880
Place of Birth: Mansfield, Ohio
Date of Death: June 23, 1960 5:20 am
Marriage Date: October 28,1908
Married To: John Francis Clark
Other Names in the Family Bible

First Name: John
Middle Name: Jacques
Last Name: Clark
Relationship to Others in Bible: Son
Birth Date: October 10, 1912
Birth Place: Mansfield, Ohio
Married To: Mary Edith Ewing


Treasures Found:
Two photos . The girl appears to be in a first communion dress and the boy is holding a small book.
There was a newspaper clipping with no date. There were two articles on the clipping. One was for a bridal shower for Katherine Carrigan who was a member of the Lodge of Catholic Ladies of Columbus. The second clipping was for the first birthday party of Julia Schmutzler who lived on Sherman Place and lists the following guests as attending: Mary Rudd, John Brown, Jack Clark, Carl and Dorothy Horchler, Marie Schmutzler, Jack Walter, Dorothy Rundell, Elizabeth Cotler, Eleanor Pumphrey and Maz Metcalf.”

Volunteer Notes:

Special Unique Findings or Bible Features:
John Francis Clark was a dentist and his son John Jacques was a physician.