John Riley, Thelma Hughes (Madison, Townsend, Newman

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This is the family bible for John Francis Riley and Thelma Margaret Hughes who were married on November 10, 1918. Peter’s parents were Peter Riles (born in Scotland) and Margaret Newman (born in Scotland). There are several pages of handwritten family history and genealogy records which include names, dates of birth, marriage dates and dates of death, and handwritten notes (see photos). Other names include: Lillian James Riley, Carrie Ginger Riley, Mary Nellie Riley, Mrytle M. Hughes, Mary Galliman, George Hughes, John Madison, Mary Townsend, Michael Dennis Sullivan, John Lorenze and several others. Please contact me with any questions. This item is being sold to raise funds for BibleRescue, a non-profit that collects family bibles in order to record the family history and to return the family bible to living family members.

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