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Bible Language: English
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First Name: Joseph
Last Name: Clemens
Date of Birth: September 26, 1873
Date of Death:September 24, 1936
Place of Death: Huntington Pennsylvania
Wife’s Name: Verna Irene
First Name: Verna
Middle Name: Irene
Date of Birth: April 19, 1878
Place of Birth: Marklesbury
Date of Death: January 29, 1947
Married To: Joseph Clemens
Other Names in the Family Bible

First Name: Benjamin
Middle Name: Franklin
Last Name: Clemens
Relationship to Others in Bible: Son
Birth Date: September 8, 1899
Death Date: April 10, 1973
Married To: Edith Marian Enders
Marriage Date: December 28, 1922
First Name: Joseph
Middle Name: Ray
Last Name: Clemens
Relationship to Others in Bible: Son
Birth Date: January 10,1902
Married To: Hazel Louise Endres
Marriage Date: May 20, 1923
First Name: John
Middle Name: Homer
Last Name: Clemens
Relationship to Others in Bible: Son
Birth Date: February 28, 1904
Death Date: March 1, 1921

First Name: Ethel
Middle Name: Mae
Last Name: Clemens
Relationship to Others in Bible: Daughter
Birth Date: June 1, 1906
Death Date: July 26, 1921
First Name: Sarah
Middle Name: Margaret
Last Name: Clemens
Relationship to Others in Bible: Daughter
Birth Date: January 23, 1911
Married To: John Gallagher Cummins
Marriage Date: April, 1, 1933
First Name: George
Middle Name: B
Last Name: Clemens
Relationship to Others in Bible: Son
Birth Date: April 16, 1914


Volunteer Notes:

Special Unique Findings or Bible Features:
This family had linkages to my husband’s family tree. So it was fun to explore.

Thoughts From Our Volunteers:
This family history was found and I filled in bits and pieces.

Joseph Clemens and Verna Grove were married on July 28, 1898. Verna was from Marklesbury and Joseph was a native of Huntington.

Joseph’s parents were
Joseph Clements born in 1846 in England and according to the 1880 census was a miner in Pennsylvania and died on September 24, 1936
Sarah Leonard born in 1851 in Pennsylvania.
They had the following children: Emily died 1900, Joseph, Mollie 1976-1900, Edna August 25, 1889 – February 15, 1919 was a book maker and died of tuberculosis, Grace August 3, 1882-1975 married April 2, 1902 to Charles Howard Morningstar

Verna parents
Jacob A Grove Born Feb 1, 1845 , Death Aug 16, 1880
Laura Jane Beaver born March 10, 1851 and died February 9, 1907. Her second marriage was to Jacob Stone who dies of lung disease.
Children with Jacob were: Flora born in 1874, John H in 1877, Verna in 1878 and Jacob A in 1881.
Children with Jacob Stone were Ada Marjory in 1890 and Ruth Emma Stone 1892
Laura siblings were Albert who died in 1853, Melinda M Beaver Dingle and John G Beaver 1854-1907

Laura Beaver parents were:
Anthony Beaver September 12, 1815 and died September 4m 1892
Sarah Barrick born Oct 24, 1818 and died July 2, 1876.

Joseph was first a miner in the 1880 census, but then was a delivery driver for Fisher Bakery. While at work he fell down a flight of cement stairs and died September 24, 1936. The 1920 census shows that sons Frank was a bread maker, Roy was a cake maker and Jon was a laborer. In 1930 census it shows that son Frank was a salesman for the bakery.

Children of Verna and Joseph were:
Benjamin Franklin ( went by Frank) born September 8, 1899 and died April 10, 1973, married Edith Marian Enders on December 28, 1922. One daughter Lois 8-31-1925-3-3-1996
Joseph Roy born Jan 10, 1902 married Hazel Louise Enders ( 1905-1989) on May 20, 1923. Three children – Joseph Miles Clemens 10-4-1929-4-9-2004 was in the Navy and lived in Washington state, Louise Genevieve born 1-5-1924- 1-2-1998 married Donald DeMario and two children – David and Diane
John Homer born Feb 28, 1904 and died March 1, 1921
Ethel Mae born June1, 1906 and died July 26, 1927 was a clerk and died of heart problems
Sarah Margaret Jan 23, 1911 married John Gallagher Cummins on April 1, 1933. One daughter Madge who died at one month from Cholera and son James Robert 4-19-1935-9-12-2004 was in army one year and buried at Camp Butler National Cemetery.
George Beaver Clemens 4-16-1914-6-1-1977 married Dorothy Metcalfe and was in service 1943 with Army Signal Corps Intelligence Service and helped solve German Code. Went on to get his doctorate of Philosophy and taught Romance language at Juniata College.