Martin H. Pruett


Bible ID: 465
Place of Publication: Chicago
Publisher: The John A Hertel, Co for International Sunday School League,
Bible Language: English
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Other Names in the Family Bible

First Name: Martin
Middle Name: H.
Last Name: Pruett
Relationship to Others in Bible: Listed under Children Register
Birth Date: Jan 10, 1896
Birth Place: Texas
First Name: Willis
Middle Name: M.
Last Name: Pruett
Relationship to Others in Bible: Listed under record of Martin H Pruett
Birth Date: Possibly Aug 14, 1896


Treasures Found:
This Bible contained a number of items.
1. Lock of baby hair
2. Photo of unknown item
3. Pressed flower
4. Napkin with Bette and Tommy printed on it
5. Newspaper clipping of wedding write up of Tommie Marvin Lee to Bette Jean Sweet. The article lists members of the wedding party.
5. Newspaper clipping of Jo Ann Sweet to Robert C Williamson. JoAnn is a cousin to Bette.
7. Graduation card for Patricia Pruett on May 29, 1959 from Round rock High School in Texas.
8.Letter from Kunitz-sternebery Lumber Company acknowledgement of payment.
9. Newspaper clipping for the announcement of the engagement of Patricia Pruett to Jerry Spain on April 8
10. Newspaper clipping about the above marriage.
11-13 is the Hyde Park Baptist Church Bulletin for the week of 7-11, 1960. Announced the School of Missions and church calendar

Volunteer Notes:
Special Unique Findings or Bible Features:
This bible only had two entries of names and it is not clear who they are or how related to the other items in the Bible. Many clipping and objects were found in the Bible.