Phillip LeRoy Stokes

Stokes Family Bible


Bible ID: 323
Year of Publication: 1962
Place of Publication: Cleveland & New York
Publisher: The World Publishing Company
Bible Language: English
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First Name: Phillip
Middle Name: LeRoy
Last Name: Stokes
Marriage Date: 19 Mar 1958
Place of Marriage: Elk Mound
Lutheran Church
Wife’s Name: Carol LouAnn Sneen
First Name: Carol
Middle Name: LouAnn
Last Name: Sneen
Married to: Phillip LeRoy Stokes
Marriage Date: 19 Mar 1958
Place of Marriage: Elk Mound
Other Names in the Family Bible

First Name: Michael
Middle Name: Phillip
Birth Date: 29 Mar 1959
First Name: David
Middle Name: Kevin
Birth Date: 25 May 1963
Married To: Nicole Taylor
Marriage Date: 15 Oct 1988
First Name: Melissa
Middle Name: Ann
Birth Date: 7 Aug 1967
Married To: Mark Lundquist
Marriage Date: 13 Oct 1990

First Name: Jeffrey
Middle Name: James
Birth Date: 29 Apr 1970
Married To: Marisa McDaniel
Marriage Date: 9 Sep 2000
First Name: Philip
Last Name: Sneen
Death Date: 21 Apr 2004

First Name: Sylvia
Middle Name: Amundson
Last Name: Sneen
Death Date: 25 Sep 2004


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Special Unique Findings or Bible Features:
Witnesses for Phillip and Carol’s wedding are: Marlys Sneen and David Curtis.
Marlys Sneen and David Curtis were witnesses at Phillip and Carol’s marriage.
Deaths noted without dates: Alfred Stokes, Bertha Howe Stokes.