R. F. Butterfield

Butterfield Family Bible


Bible ID: 146
Bible Language: English


First Name: R.
Middle Name: F.
Last Name: Butterfield
Other Names in the Family Bible

First Name: Mary
Middle Name: Ellen
Last Name: Butterfield
Relationship to Others in Bible: Daughter of R.F Butterfield
First Name:David
Last Name: Jager
Relationship to Others in Bible: Son of Mary Ellen Butterfield
First Name: Timothy
Last Name: Jager
Relationship to Others in Bible: Son of David Jager


Treasures Found:
Written on inside cover:
To David-We hope this will always be with you thru all the years ahead. Stay as sweet as you are. Grandma & Grandpa B

Sept 10, 1989- To Timothy,
You can’t imagine how much we love you son! Yours will be the third generation to have this Bible passed down from a lot of other people who love you. Remember…good things are worth waiting for, & God only tests you as much as you can handle! Us and God will always be at your side. Mom & Dad

Volunteer Notes:

Thoughts From Our Volunteers:
I have attempted to discover the details about the people mentioned in this Bible and I present what I have found. I hope it is correct.
Richard F. (B:1907) and Lily E. Butterfield are Grandpa and Grandma B.
They had two children; Richard F. (1937) and Mary Ellen (1938)
Mary Ellen married Fred Jager, they had three children, Fred Jr., Lori and David Richard (1963).